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Time to #PressforProgress in Philosophy!

Today is International Women’s Day. This year, 2018, the theme is #PressforProgress.
My #PressforProgress is to bring to light the visibility of women (which includes celebrating women’s achievements and challenging bias and stereotypes) and, in particular, to press for gender parity.
My original aim in researching Shepherd was to make an Early Modern woman philosopher visible. Although there has been a little bit of research done on her I felt she needed to be more celebrated for her achievements, such as her two long Treatises and for being so influential in her day.
As part of my #PressforProgress this year, through my research on Shepherd I will:

Challenge stereotypes and bias by promoting and celebrating Mary Shepherd as a role model whose achievements show that abstract thinking and philosophical debating is not a male preserve. Even some contemporary feminists have fallen into believing and perpetuating the stereotype that perhaps abstract philosophy and adversarial philosophic…

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